100% Wool felt sheets - 'First Shoots of Spring' Collection


This pack has 10 sheets 100% merino wool felt, in the 'First Shoots of Spring' colour range. This carefully selected collection includes:


Brand Spanking White


Creme Caramel

Mr Happy



Mint Julep

Popeyes Gal

Mother Rabbit

Size: 20x30cm pieces.

100% wool felt is super soft but is much stronger than the synthetic felts, which means your creations will last and last, without going bobbly and shiny. This felt cuts beautifully and works well in die cutting machines. It’s great to sew with, either by hand or with a machine.

This felt meets European Toy Standards and carries the Oeko-Tex ‘confidence in textiles’ mark, so it contains no nasty chemicals, including heavy metals, making it perfect for toy making. You can find more information about our wool felt here.

Pieces are cut by hand so sizes may vary a tiny bit.