Supplies for Folk Embroidered Felt Chickens decorations by Tamara Carlier of 'The Hoop in Hand'


Pick up all the supplies you need to make three folk embroidered chicken decorations, designed by Tamara Carlier of The Hoop in Hand. Using a nice mix of stitches on top quality 100% wool felt, these ornaments are a joy to make. Gift them to your loved ones this Easter or display them year-round to add a little sparkle to any corner of your home.

This kit contains:

  • 100% wool felt sheets
  • DMC embroidery threads
  • Sequins
  • An embroidery needle
  • Stuffing
  • Coordinating ribbon* to make the hanging loops
  • Freezer paper (which will make cutting out your felt shapes a breeze).

Please note: the pattern is not included in this supplies kit – please head to to buy the instant download PDF pattern from The Hoop in Hand.

The pattern takes you through how to make the three chicken decorations using 13 different embroidery stitches. Each decoration is about 11 cm (4 ¼ inches) tall, not including the hanger. The pattern also covers how to use the freezer paper supplied with your kit, which makes cutting your felt shapes precisely a breeze.

You’ll also need a pair of sharp scissors, a little fabric glue, and you might find a heat erasable pen useful to help you place your stitches.This project is ideally suited to those with some embroidery experience or adventurous beginners. All the instructions are fully explained with diagrams and photos in the pattern. Read more about what’s involved here:

*this may differ from the photos.