She's done it again! Designer Larissa Holland of Mmmcrafts has released the latest in the 'Twas the Night ornament series and it's a corker. This 'All Through the House' pattern makes a handmade decoration in the shape of a magical house, complete with a door that opens to reveal a tiny decorated Christmas tree. It's ridiculously cute.

Together with the other ornaments in this series, I think these make the sweetest heirloom decorations to enjoy.

This latest decoration is more complex to make than the other 'Twas the Night ornaments but if you have some crafting and embroidery experience it shouldn't be a problem to complete it. The construction of the house is so well considered. The instructions, as with all of the Mmmcrafts patterns, were really simple to follow, with photos and lots of detail. There are several elements to make and many little pieces so I found it handy to have some containers at the ready to keep all the different pieces separate, especially as I couldn't craft it all in one sitting.

There are quite a few supplies required for the 'All Through the House' ornament and some are a little tricky to find, like stiffened felt. To make things a bit easier we have put together a supplies pack (which doesn't include the pattern) to help you get started. It includes the 100% wool felt, stiffened felt, chenille stems, beads and sequins. You can also add the DMC embroidery threads to the pack.

You will also need some other supplies, as specified in the pattern, some of which we stock in the shop:

In our supplies kit we've chosen colours to match our other 'Twas the Night ornament kits, so that they work well as a set. You can of course create this beauty in any colour scheme to match your tree. As you can see here, Larissa has made a whole village of them!

If you wanted to make one of these, the Cloud Craft 100% wool felt colours that would be the closest match for the house wrap would be (left to right, top to bottom): Artichoke, Bonbon, Satchel, Satchel, Mr Happy, Spearmint.

The gingerbread version is next on my list of things to make - it looks adorable and has an extra special surprise behind the door!

September 14, 2022 — cloudcraftshop Admin

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