Making craft kits takes a loooong time! So much thought and work goes into the perfect design that works well in stitch, choosing the best supplies, stitching samples (then stitching them again!) and perfecting the instructions and packaging. It can be frustrating because sometimes the ideas in our minds don't work as a kit, but when it comes together it's wonderful.

After a year of planning, we've just launched 4 cross stitch kits, based on beautiful art work by Carole from Maggie Magoo Designs. I've collaborated with Carole before on some needle minder designs and I knew how well her work would translate to cross stitch. 



The kits are inspired by the seasons and the joy they bring. They are perfect for all skill levels, with full instructions for beginners, or more experienced stitchers can dive straight in. There's an A3 colour chart with symbols, so the pattern is easy to follow and so satisfying to complete.  We know how frustrating it is to get a kit with cheap threads that tangle up and a hoop that splinters, so we've carefully chosen great quality supplies, because with these your stitching will be a pleasure and you'll love your finished hoop. We have DMC threads, a John James cross stitch needle, cotton aida and a lovely wooden embroidery hoop. All you'll need is a pair of embroidery scissors.


With several evenings of enjoyment in each kit, these projects encourage you to slow down, enjoy the process and treasure your beautiful, finished piece. And I'm so happy to say that they are made by us in the UK and are plastic-free. 🍃

We've loved developing these kits and I really hope you like them!

June 13, 2022 — cloudcraftshop Admin

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