Here are 5 quick tips to get the most out of your 100% wool felt.

1. The easiest way to cut out an accurate shape from 100% wool felt is to use freezer paper. Simply trace or draw the shape on the matt side of the paper, roughly cut around it and iron shiny side down onto your felt with a cool iron and no steam. You can then cut along your line to get a crisp, perfect shape. The freezer paper templates usually can be re-used 3-4 times too!
2. You can use tissue paper to transfer embroidery patterns to felt - trace the pattern onto the tissue paper and pin or tack it in place. Stitch over the top of the paper and carefully tear away when you’re finished. If the design is elaborate, my favourite product to use is Sticky Fabri Solvy - you can print your design onto a sheet and stick it to your felt. When your stitching is complete the Solvy can be washed away. Magic! It's a good idea to pre-shrink your felt if you use this method.
3. Store your wool felt sheets flat if possible. If they get creased you can give them a press with an iron with some steam but be aware that you might get a little shrinkage.
4. If you get a stain on your felt, first try spot cleaning - wool felt has stain resistant properties so this could do the trick. If the stain is more stubborn you can hand wash the felt as you would your favourite woolly jumper and leave to dry flat. You may get some shrinkage so if you know that you will want to wash your finished items, it's a good idea to pre-wash the felt sheets before you start cutting out.
5. Save all your little scraps and off cuts in a clear ziplock bag - you never know when you might need a tiny piece for a project or you can use the small pieces as stuffing for toys or a pin cushion.


Do you have any top tips for using 100% wool felt? We'd love to hear them -please let me know in the comments!

July 27, 2021 — cloudcraftshop Admin


Marilyn Lewin said:

This is always my go to felt as it’s such good quality and a dream to work with. It makes great needle cases too. I use 3 layers, with the inner 2 layers slightly smaller than the outer one. Then before stitching all the layers together down the centre, either by sewing machine, or by hand, the outer layer can be embellished, and all the edges trimmed with a pair of scalloped edge scissors.

Lillian said:

What would you recommend for thread and needle type for machining 4mm of wool felt?

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