Keep your Snipsters safe and protected with a handmade scissor keeper! Embroidery scissors are a vital tool for embroiders, cross stitchers, and hand sewing fans, so keeping them in good condition while protecting your project from sharp points is so important.

With a few embroidery stitches and some felt appliqué, you can make your own embroidery scissors cover.


The Scandinavian styling on this felt case is inspired by our Snipster Heart embroidery scissors, but other scissors of similar size (such as small stork scissors) will also fit. You can also enlarge the pattern so that your scissors fit well within the smaller template piece.

To make it easy to mark the embroidery pattern and cut out the small felt pieces, we used Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy, which is a great tool to keep handy for any embroidery projects.


Tools and Supplies


Step 1

Print the pattern page on regular paper. Next, cut a piece of Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy that's a little larger than the embroidery design, then tape it over the pattern. Run the pattern page through your printer again, this time making sure that you print on draft mode.

Step 2

Cut out the smaller scissor keeper template and pin it onto felt. Use scallop scissors to cut out the piece. Cut close to the template so the scallops show around the pattern piece.


 Cut out the larger scissor keeper template and cut two pieces out of felt. Next cut one of the pieces apart on the line. Set all these pieces aside.


Step 3

Trim away the excess Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy. Next, cut out the three large and two small flower shapes. Be careful not to cut through any of the rest of the pattern, which you'll use for the embroidery.



Peel and stick the embroidery pattern onto the smaller scissor keeper piece. Peel and stick the cut out flower shapes on the other felt pieces.

 Cut out the felt flower pieces. Place the three large pieces in the spots where they were on the pattern. Set aside the small flowers.

 Use three strands of embroidery thread for all the stitching. Embroider the long lazy daisy stitches on the large flowers. Stitch the stems on the flowers with chain stitch for the main stem and back stitch for the smaller stems.


Use fly stitch to form the scallop-shaped petals on the small flowers. Stitch the small leaves with lazy daisy stitch and work the tiny dots with French knots.


After all the embroidery is finished, soak the felt piece in cool water to dissolve the Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy. It's important to use cool water so you don't shrink the wool felt.

Stitch down the edges of the felt flowers with small whip stitches.



Step 4

Layer and pin the embroidered piece, the solid larger piece next, and the split larger piece on the back.




Thread a needle with three strands of embroidery thread and tie a knot. Come up through the top two layers of felt so the knot is hidden between the layers.

 Stitch around the scalloped piece with running stitch, going through all three layers of felt. Keep the stitching close to the scallops.


Slide your embroidery scissors into the scissor keeper!


You can leave the top of the handles poking out, but when you are traveling with your scissors you can slip the top flap over them.

This is a beautiful accessory to make for yourself, but it's also a perfect gift to make for a crafty friend. You can make them a scissor keeper and give it with a new pair of Snipsters!

 With many thanks to Mollie Johnason for this tutorial.


September 24, 2021 — cloudcraftshop Admin


Penelope said:

I know it’s supposed to be unlucky to give scissors (knives, pointy things) as gifts but will be making these anyway, but I shall ask for a silver sixpence as recompense!

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