I'm so pleased that we now have supplies kits to make these heirloom Twelve Days' ornaments by designer Larissa Holland of MmmCrafts These incredibly popular patterns are a joy to make and make decorations to be treasured forever.

The downloadable patterns for these are available for purchase at www.mmmcrafts.etsy.com. We have put together the supplies you need to get going. These supplies will make one of each of the 15 ornaments in the the colour version shown in our image here with some left over to make more ornaments. We recommend laying out all the pattern pieces on the felt before starting to make sure the felt is used in the most economical way.

We have 3 options of kits to choose from - felt only, felt and DMC threads or felt, threads and supplies. The supplies you get with the 3rd option are the wooden beads for the heads and hands and the pipe cleaners for bodies. All options have our premium 100% wool felt in 10 beautiful colours. 100% wool felt is an heirloom quality product so your creations will stand the test of time.

To complete the project, it's also very handy to use Sticky Fabri Solvy sabiliser (not essential but highly recommended in the pattern and helps to keep your stitching accurate and cutting precise). You will also need glue, precision scissors, embroidery needles and toy filling (we have polyester or a wool version).You could also add some sparkles - we have lots of beads and sequins to choose from!

The felt colours in our kit from left to right are Chartreuse, Colonel, Sorbet, Strawberry Field, Popeye's Gal, Chai, Blue Moon, Denim and Petroleum. You could of course choose any colour for your ornaments but to make them in the colourway we have put together we used the following colours:

Partridge felt - Denim, Petroleum, Strawberry Field, Colonel


Pear felt - Strawberry Field, Chartreuse, Artichoke


Turtle Dove Felt - Chai, Blue Moon, Chartreuse

Twelve Days of Christmas Ornament Turtle Dove


French Hen Felt - Artichoke, Strawberry Field, Colonel, Sorbet, Chartreuse


Colly Bird Felt -  Popeye's Gal, Chai, Petroleum, Blue Moon


Gold Ring Felt - Colonel, Chartreuse, Blue Moon, Petroleum


Goose a-Laying Felt - Strawberry Field, Blue Moon, Denim, Colonel

Egg Felt - Chai, Artichoke


Swan a-Swimming Felt - Petroleum, Colonel, Blue Moon, Chartreuse, Chai

Maid a-Milking Felt - Chartreuse, Blue Moon, Sorbet, Colonel, Strawberry Field, Petroleum


Drummer Drumming Felt - Blue Moon, Petroleum, Colonel, Popeye's Gal, Chartreuse


Piper Piping Felt - Strawberry Field, Artichoke, Colonel, Chartreuse


Lady Dancing Felt - Denim, Chartreuse, Popeye's Gal, Strawberry Field, Blue Moon


Lord a-Leaping Felt - Artichoke, Sorbet, Chai, Colonel


Heart Felt - Strawberry Field, Sorbet

November 10, 2020 — cloudcraftshop Admin

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