About Us

Hello and welcome!

Cloud Craft was set up in 2012 by Nicole Twena, life-long stitch fan. We aim to bring you a carefully curated selection of the best modern supplies available for all your hand stitching projects.  We believe that if you use great supplies then the process of making things will bring you joy and your creations will be treasured forever.  Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced needleworker we hope you will find here supplies to inspire you.


Cloud Craft is an online shop. We do our best to make shopping on our website, receiving your goodies and stitching with them the best possible experience. Cheesy but true.  We package your items carefully, ship quickly and are always happy to help with any questions.  You can see what our customers think about our products and service by checking out our feedback.


We’d love if you kept in touch with us via Instagram or Facebook or why not drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you.


Stitching is officially good for you!

In the last few years hand stitching has grown in popularity as people strive to find a bit of low tech escapism from our busy world. Modern designers have been using stitches to create beautiful contemporary designs, inspiring a new generation to join in.  What’s more, it’s good for you! Studies have shown that stitching seems to reduce your blood pressure and generally chills you out.  Don’t get me wrong, zooming along with a sewing machine is fab too but sometimes there’s nothing better than having time to focus on each and every stitch in peace and quiet.  Zen. What’s more, it’s portable as you don’t need lots of fancy kit. 


If you’re looking for some inspiration, pop over to our Pinterest boards, where we showcase some lovely stitching from around the world – from cross stitch to Japanese Sashiko embroidery. It’s also where you will find a great selection of stitching tutorials if you fancy learning something new.


About Nicole

Nicole has always loved sewing. Frustrated when the felt toys she made for her children looked bobbly and stretched after a few plays, Nicole looked into sourcing better supplies and finally found 100% wool felt.  It was the biz!  Everything she made with it had a better finish and stood up to being played with by her 3 small boys.  She started selling 100% wool felt on Etsy and gradually added other lovely, often hard to find, stitching supplies, all chosen for their modern feel and quality. Now, with a slice of the web all of her own, Nicole plans, with the help of her lovely customers, to build a specialist, one-stop-shop for all the nicest needlework supplies and kits from the best designers and manufacturers around the world.