DMC stranded cotton thread collection - Hellebore


This set of DMC Mouliné stranded cotton embroidery thread matches our 'Hellebore' 100% wool felt bundle.

The collection includes one skein in the following colours:

  • DMC 902 (matches Cherry Jam)
  • DMC 3727 (matches Vieille Rose)
  • DMC 734 (matches Chartreuse)
  • DMC 469 (matches Artichoke)
  • DMC 317 (matches Elephant)

A favourite amongst stitchers, DMC Mouliné stranded cotton is made of the best long staple cotton and is mercerised twice, which gives it a lovely sheen. It's made of 6 easily separable strands allowing you to vary your stitching results depending on the number of strands used. The dyes used are fade resistant and washable. Perfect!

Each skein has 8m of thread.