Nancy Nicholson decorated alphabet Iron-on transfer pattern


This A3 iron-on embroidery transfer pattern by Nancy Nicholson will enable you to create beautiful decorated letters, perhaps for a standalone sampler or as part of a larger embroidery. As well as a choice of decorated borders the transfer contains all 26 letters of the English/Latin alphabet, so you can select whichever letters are most meaningful for your project (remember too that you’ll be able to reuse the transfer elements several times). Each decorated letter inside its border will have a circumference of 10cm.

This kit contains the transfer paper, ready to iron on to the fabric of your choice, as well as full instructions including a stitch map and stitch guide. It does NOT contain thread or fabric, so please choose your own threads and colours for your project. The transfers work best on 100 per cent natural (not synthetic) fabric, and you may get less predictable results on darker fabric though you can always experiment (there’s a test strip included in each kit). You’ll need to have a good quality iron that gets properly hot.