Supplies for 'Twas the Night' Ornament Series by Larissa Holland - Little Elves (for pattern 3)

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We are so excited that designer Larissa Holland of MmmCrafts has released a wonderful new ornament series called 'Twas the Night'. The third pattern in the series are the Little Elves. They're taking the Christmas wishes to Santa so I hope you're on their nice list!

The downloadable pattern is available for purchase at We have put together the supplies you need to get going. These supplies make 2 elves (one boy and one girl) in the colour version shown in our images here. Please note, this supplies kit does not contain the pattern - this needs to be purchased directly from MmmCrafts. It also doesn't include the finished ornaments - you get the pleasure of making these for yourself!

We know that you and your family will want to treasure these very special ornaments so all of our packs contain our heirloom quality 100% merino wool felt, which is a pleasure to use and can stand the test of time.

Choose from:

Felt only

  • 100% merino wool felt in 6 colours

Felt and embroidery threads

  • felt as above
  • 6 skeins of DMC stranded cotton embroidery thread to match felt
  • 1 skein of DMC Light Effects embroidery thread in silver

Felt, embroidery threads, and other supplies

  • Felt and embroidery threads as above
  • seed beads
  • 4mm sequins
  • 8mm and 5mm sequins (for the belt)
  • 4 cotton pipe cleaners (27cm)
  • 2 2cm wooden beads (for heads)
  • 2 8mm wooden beads (for hands)
  • 1 wooden toothpick (for the pencil)
  • 2 mini pompoms (for boots)
  • 2 5mm bells (for hats)

    Felt, threads, supplies and tools

    • Felt, embroidery threads, and other supplies as above
    • 1 bottle Hi Tack glue
    • 1 pair of micro tip scissors

    You will also need the following:

    • Sticky Fabri Solvy sabiliser (not essential but highly recommended in the pattern and helps to keep your stitching accurate and cutting precise)
    • Toy filling - we have polyester or a wool version
    • needle - we used these
    • Metallic pearl floss for loop for hanger
    • cardstock