Handmade Cufflinks - yes, you can make these!!

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I’ve been thinking of all the lovely things you could do with the framed cufflinks that I have in the shop, such as framing a piece of Liberty print with a tiny pattern or stitching a mini monogram. In the end I decided to do some micro-weaving with embroidery floss! It’s super easy – if you fancy having a go this is what you do.


You will need:

A pair of cufflinks with a frame

Embroidery threads (I chose DMC……………..)

A small piece of fabric for the background

A small piece of thin card board (I cut up a random Top Trumps card I found lying around!)

Double sided sticky tape

Glue stick

A needle


What to do:

Unscrew the frame from the cuff link. Trace around the circle on the cuff link post (not the frame) onto your card and onto your background fabric and cut out. Using a glue stick, glue the fabric to the card circle.

Cover the other side of the cardboard circle with double sided sticky tape and trim any bits of tape overhanging the circle.

Separate a length of the embroidery thread into 2 strands. There’s no need to tie a knot in the other end, just attach the end to the sticky tape to hold it in place. Wind the thread 5 times around your circle and attach the end to the tape again.


Thread a needle with your embroidery thread (I used a different colour), and start weaving your thread over and under the threads you’ve already wound around the card.  If you started this first line of weaving with an ‘over’, then the second row should start with an ‘under’. I alternated these lines with different thread colours. When you’ve finished weaving, secure the loose end of thread to the sticky tape at the back and cut the tail so it doesn’t show at the front.

Add another piece of sticky tape over all your loose ends at the back to secure them in place and trim any loose bits away.

Pop your weaving into the frame and screw the frame back onto the cufflink post and, Bob’s your uncle, you have a fab pair of cufflinks to wear or give with pride! x

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